Screening Bucket

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The most common applications for galen screening buckets are screening, crushing and mixing of soil, peat, crust and biomaterials, sieving / grinding materials in filling / trench filling and industrial processes. Thanks to the modular structure of the screening bucket, it is simple to use and change a variety of blade options. All Galen screening bucket are available for both excavators and wheel loaders.

  • Easy and fast use
  • Wide product range
  • Wide range of rotors
  • Ideal for both excavators and wheel loaders
  • Cost effective

The rotating screening bucket from Galen’s different attachments is ideal for demolition, excavation filling or the selection of pebbles in the waterways, sand screening and re-separation of organic wastes, recovery of aggregates, selection of natural or waste materials for public care, and special green areas, rehabilitation of stony land. Equipped with a swivel basket in both directions, it can be easily changed and with a network selection (min 10 × 10 — max 150 × 150), it is produced in 7 models for 1 to 40 ton excavators, also applies to mini loaders, backhoe and wheel loaders. The engine and hydraulic are included to prevent breakage in case of unintentional impacts, do not require a drainage line, and the frame has the shape of a truncated cone to increase the dredging surface.

  • Patented gearboxes lubricated with oil mean they don’t require daily maintenance and no chain changes.
  • Gear driven power transmission is unique, efficient and reliable.
  • Quiet and smooth operation.
  • Soil, sand, etc. Soil axes for screening

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These buckets which give opportunity to use in compact machines, can be used for many purposes. Capacity limits vary with the ability of the jaw area to open and close.

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