Mass Production

We provide high quality products with competitive prices.

Eartmoving & Demolition Attachments

Mass Production

We provide high quality with competitive prices.

Dredging Boom-Arm

Special design for water applications.It creates more depth for channels, rivers and harbors than is naturally available.A dipper dredge is essentially a power shovel mounted on a barge for marine use. A grab, or clamshell, dredge lowers, closes, and raises a single bucket by means of flexible cables. In operation the bucket is dropped to the bottom, where it bites because of its weight and the action of the bucket-closing mechanism.

Dragline Bucket

The harder the conditions are, the greater GALEN’s advantages are. Dragline buckets normally reveal GALEN’s advantages in coal mining and other surface mining.By using Hardox material, we reduce the weight of the bucket, extend the service life and increase our quality.

Underwater Clamshell

We can produce all types of grap attachments.Galen Group designs and builds high performance clamshell buckets and grapples that meet and exceed strict standards. We also offer quality rebuilds for all buckets regardless of make, model or manufacturer.

Shovel Bucket

Shovel bucket widely used for extraction and loading of raw materials in quarries and open pit mines for machines from 80 to 500 tons. The Shovel Bucket profile is optimized to achieve the best possible filling factor and shorter material loading and unloading time to ensure the customer operator moves more tone per hour at the lowest cost.

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