Industrial Manipulator

Manipulators are suitable for material handling in foundry and castings. It allows to lift and move castings and moulds safely and effortlessly.

Casting Crucible Remover

It removes the slag inside the casting crucible. It has infinite rotation and telescopic boom. It is suitable for working in high temperature and dusty environments.

Vertical Coil Tong

Vertical coil tongs are designed to hold single, dry and oily coils in vertical or up position and are robustly designed for normal use under the harsh conditions encountered in steel mills.

Steel Mill Pressure Vessel

Pressure Vessel sprays additives together with nitrogen into the crucibles in the steel mills. Spray lance is made of stainless material, high temperature and corrosion resistant material.

Rock Saw Machine

Aggregates Washing Plant

Crane Hook For Ladle

It is produced from temperature resistant material to pour the molten metal crucible.

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