It is an approach that expresses the effective use of materials and natural resources in order to reduce the negative effects of production on the environment.

Waste Control

Energy Production

  • Solar panels on the roof produce 400kW electricty. When we increase our capacity to 800kW solar panel array will be able to produce enough energy to power our factory

Environmentally Responsible Design

  • Selection of materials that require minimum energy for production
  • Selection of processes with minimum material waste and energy consumption
  • Design of recyclable parts
  • Design of parts that require minimal use of harmful materials
  • The product does not harm the environment at the end of use

Environmentally Sensitive Operations

  • Preventing environmentally harmful substances from escaping into nature
  • Keeping the factory clean
  • Reducing material waste in each process
  • Evaluation of waste materials
  • Use of renewable energy sources
  • Choosing equipment with low power requirements
  • Maintaining machines regularly
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