Pulverizer Attachment

Galen Group pulverizer concrete grinders are machines that crush the demolished material between a fixed and a movable jaw to reduce particle size and separate iron from other materials. With a modern design and powerful turning characteristics, Pulverizer is the most reliable and effective tool for primary demolition and recycling of reinforced concrete structures. It is also ideal for secondary demolition, size reduction and separation of rebar from concrete. Galen Group Pulverizer are ideal excavator attachments for demolishing and recycling concrete material from a wide variety of industries and applications. This type of excavator equipment can be used for both primary and secondary demolition projects.

  •  The blades can be kept sharp by sanding twice a day.
  • The entire structure, including the blades, is made of Hardox material.
  • It is not recommended to use for piano wire, 300mm H profile, rock, concrete, steel rope, chilled steel that are difficult to cut and can damage.
  • Fixed and free rotation type is available.
  • Pulverizer Attachment outstanding strength / weight ratio
  • The speed booster system guarantees fast working cycles.
  • Pulverizer steel cutting blades in the throat with four usable sides.
  • Heavy duty planetary gearbox provides precise and accurate rotation.
  • For effective replacement of worn or damaged teet bolted teeth reduce downtime.
  • Desigh to increase jaw size and special blade efficiency. The entire series of hydraulic shears can be quick and convenient to replace the blade, reduce machine downtime and optimize efficiency;
  • Strong hydraulic cylinders reinforced jaw mouth closing force, then can cut the most hardened steel;
  • Pulverizer the series of hydraulic shears are made of high grade steel to ensure maximum strength and best wear resistance of the tool;
  • Waterproof and corrosion resistant design;
  • Fully enclosed steel structure designed to eliminate or reduce any bending or twisting.


The pulverizer is the ideal backhoe attachment for the fixed head hydraulic concrete pulverizer.These very powerful fixed head breakers are perfect for top-down and secondary demolition. They facilitate the disposal and recycling of the concrete by separating the rod from the concrete again. Pulverizer have a compact truss mounting cylinder design with 360 degree maneuverability. Made of high quality wear-resistant materials, it is very strong, durable and reliable.

  • Lightweight design
  • Strong breaking force
  • Single cylinder system for easy use
  • High strength and wear resistant materials

Pulverizer simple setup; instead of normal bucket pins, the back support welds to the underside of the bucket bar.Simple, safe, almost silent operation.It recovers recyclable materials from steel reinforced concrete.No additional hose or valve is required.Pulverizers are excavator attachments designed to quickly and safely demolish construction structures without damaging other surrounding structures. The Pulverizer Attachment easily washes structures by applying at least 95 tons of pressure to the columns and beams between its two claws.Excavator Pulverizer Attachments are designed by Galen Group engineers according to excavator types and the demands of our customers and manufactured in a way that our customers can use safely.

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