Galen Group Logo Attachments

Pamter Attachment

It is used for selecting large masses (cut from the main rock) by pushing in marble quarries and is used by attaching to the boom part of the excavator.

Marble Block Damper

They are hardware and manufactured attachments for transporting load-bearing dampers, block marbles and rocks.

Marble Demolition Boom

Marble demolition boom is an attachment used in wheel loaders. It is manufactured with a single machine besides the loading in order to allow the demolition process to be carried out.

Marble Attachment

The importance of the attachment for this machine is very high in achieving the planned efficiency to be obtained from the chosen construction machines, taking into consideration the strength and durability properties.


The ripper body is made entirely from Hardox material; For site conditions, it is reinforced with nose part, nail and adapter and it is possible to change in case of wear.

Marble Fork

In order to load the blocks especially the marble blocks ,It is an abrasion-resistant material and an attachment manufactured by engineering.