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Mini Excavator Bucket

Mini Excavator Bucket

From micro, mini excavator and midi to mass excavators: Regardless of the job, excavator or backhoe, Galen’s high-quality, purpose-built buckets and attachments will help you get the most out of your bucket.Galen Group offers premium mini excavator buckets and attachments to fit most excavator models and models.All our buckets are built to a high specification, so you get more for your money.

These buckets are ideal for digging soft to medium soils.The grading bucket mesh plate is integrated in the section assembly to provide additional strength and evenly distribute stresses throughout the bucket.Mini Excavator are one of the most versatile and effective machines in excavation. Galen mini excavator bucket and attachments are specially designed to work with your machine. They have superior strength, durability and reliability to provide the performance you expect.

We produce excavator bucket and excavator attachments for all diggers and backhoes, from 0.5 ton micro diggers to the largest full-size excavator.Bottom wear belts,Slim Design,Options in Bolt or Weld threads,Thick front edge cutter for extra strength and wear protection to help you get the most out of your sleeve.,The lower wear belts exceed 90% of the bucket and provide more strength and protection.

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