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Approximately 1500 tons of material are cut and processed every year, and are transformed into attachments designed to meet the needs of our clients. In every brand and model, bucket manufacture and attachment design are specially carried out for the construction machinery in accordance with the manufacture of standard buckets and clients’ demands. The main fields of activity of our parent company are gathered under four main headings; providing services for our clients by creating alternative solutions with unconditional customer satisfaction principle in these areas.

The Products of our Manufacture:

Bucket Manufacture for Construction Machinery,
– Manufacture of standard or special fabrication buckets for all existing machines in the market
Manufacture of Attachments for Construction Machinery,
– Manufacture of standard or special fabrication attachments for all existing machines in the market
Wear Plates,
– Manufacture of standard or special fabrication attachments for all existing machines in the market
Component Manufacture,
– Manufacture of intermediate constituents for the applications of construction machinery as well as attachments for construction machinery
Compact Machine Attachments
– Manufacture of necessary attachments for compact construction machinery used in small areas
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Galen Team


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Galen Team


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Our vision from the past

Designing and manufacturing attachments in line with client needs is our main goal; It is our vision to institutionalize to provide social benefits based on principles of integrity and honesty in general, to include the society we live in, to respond to the needs of the market with an effective team spirit as a whole and to work with our employees and to establish healthy bonds with our business.

In this sense, all the struggling, productive entrepreneurs that nature has invited to work will be our friends, and we will support them with our talents, our technology and our facilities.

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  • Construction Equipment Machinery
  • 250+ Different Attachment
  • Capacity : 1500 tons steel/year
galen about us company2
  • Authorized Komatsu Service
  • Wide Spare Part
galen about us company3
  • Test Equipment Manufacturer
  • Local producer of hydraulic, active and passive dyanamometers
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  • GET(Ground Engaging Tools)
  • Capacity : 280 tons/month
  • Production : 120 tons/month
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  • Renawable Energy Application
  • Rooftop type of solar power plant
  • Capacity : 450kW

Product Line

• Buckets
• Quick Coupler
• Trapezoid Bucket
• Long Arm

• Standard Bucket
• Rock Bucket
• Coal Bucket
• 4 in 1 Bucket
• Grinding Bucket
• Screening Bucket
• Tilting Bucket
• High Dump Bucket

• Polyp
• Clamshell Bucket
• Rock Grab
• Timber Grab
• Forklift Fork
• Tree Removal Attachment

• Pulverizer
• Long Reach Boom
• Hydraulic Crusher

• Bucket Crusher
• Compactor (Vibro) Bucket
• Vibro Slope Bucket
• Concrete Crusher
• Calm Screen Bucket
• Scrap Cutting Shear
• Tree Shear Attachment
• Bucket Chipper
• Combi Magnet Attachment
• Steel Plate Magnet

• Shovel Bucket
• Heavy Rock Type Bucket
• Marble Fork
• Ripper
• Block Handling Bucket
• Marble Attachment (Single Level Fork)
• Marble Demolition
• Marble Block Damper
• Pamter