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Long Reach Boom-Arm

Long Reach Boom-Arm

It is a type of boom that can provide work in deeper or longer distances such as rivers, ponds, canals.Long Reach Booms and long reach boom design Hundreds of customers have realized the value of long reach attachments where standard booms can’t do the job. Our long distance boom helps you achieve 50% more digging depth and advanced reach on a standard boom, saving you valuable cost and time and maximizing your profits.

These booms are designed and manufactured in a maximum efficiency by Galen Group engineers in the direction of clients’demands and in consideration of the work areas.Long-distance excavators operate in the toughest conditions you can imagine. Our ultimate goal is to extend the product’s reliable service life.

Taking into account the excavation force of the construction machine and the machine’s momentum.All long-range fronts are sprayed to ensure the surface is thoroughly clean and free from contaminants and rust. In addition, this process provides the steel with a surface texture that provides excellent adhesion for the primer.

Long Reach Boom Arm Attachments

It is a special purpose attachment for deep and long distance digging and dredging, slope shaping, settlement banks, cleaning pools / waterway etc. in long reach boom arm, sand and gravel pits. Application, with this long reach attachment, you can quickly convert the standard excavator to a long reach excavator.

  • In the long reach boom-arm, the inner baffle plate gives the torsion arm extra force to withstand torsional loads.
  • Thick, multi-plate large welded box section structure is used in high-stressed areas.
  • High quality accessories such as pipelines, pins, bushings and cylinders,
  • Can be furnished upon camera system requirement
  • Accept Customized Lengths of long reach boom arm for special application

We offer long-distance pre-packages for a wide range of excavator models up to 10-200 metric tons (22,000 – 488,400 lbs) operating weight. Our long reach boom-arm helps you achieve 50% more digging depth and advanced reach on a standard boom, saving you valuable cost and time and maximizing your profits.

We invest heavily in state-of-the-art equipment to keep up with the industry. The boom and arm, the critical components of an excavator, require tight tolerance and precision. They are machined with these state-of-the-art machines to ensure the highest quality available for every piece we produce.

  • Long reach Boom-Arm is ideal for river and sea dredging on land or barge.
  • Basement and deep foundation excavation.
  • Trench, leve and pool maintenance.
  • Ideal for marine wall construction.
  • Heavy duty in construction.
  • The design is comprehensively simulated, ensures design integrity and identifies potential stress and fatigue points.
  • All surfaces are sandblasted.
  • It uses marine grade epoxy paint as a primer.
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