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Loader Quick Coupler

Loader Quick Coupler

Nowadays Loader Quick Coupler is indispensable equipment in excavators, which is used to minimize the idle time in this process as well as the change time of the attachments.

It provides an opportunity to change in seconds for the use of different equipment such as buckets, marble attachments or log attachments and minimizes the time caused by change.

Design and manufacture of quick coupler is possible with the option of hydraulic and mechanical system.

The operator can change attachments in less than 30 seconds without leaving the cab of the machine.
The Loader Quick Coupler enables a very quick change of all the attachments commonly used in quarries (buckets, forks, breaker tine, rake) in a very short time with an easy hydraulic control inside the machine, without any external intervention.
Loader Quick Coupler is compliant with all the current workplace safety regulations.
Loader Quick Coupler iscompact structure ensures top performance, which is comparable to direct fit attachments.

  • Includes hydraulic installation kit, which utilizes existing loader hydraulics
  • Load center of gravity is moved forward a maximum of 2″ from the original pin-on position
  • Third function jumper hose kit required to connect third function loader lines to coupler
  • Allows for easy and precise adjustment of roll-back stops
  • Ensures proper interface between coupler and loader arms to help prevent coupler failure
  • Equipped with push-block design, which transmits shock loads through the loader
  • Creates smooth coupling and uncoupling transitions on uneven terrain

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