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Delivery of the Marble Bucket, Fork, and Quick Coupler to the USA

The manufactured buckets and attachments have set out for delivery to the USA.

Delivered buckets and attachments include:

CAT988H Marble Bucket

The Marble Bucket, with its specialized bucket structure, aids in effectively loading large blocks and rocks. The tines at the edges make it easier to lay and handle the blocks. The heavy-duty “V” edge is especially suitable for handling high-value fragile marbles before cutting operations.

CAT988H Marble Fork

Heavy-duty tracked forklift forks are used to handle weight and load stresses while maneuvering in quarry operations and placing blocks. With high-quality materials and engineering, they ensure more balance and safe handling of blocks.

CAT988H Hydraulic Quick Coupler

It’s an attachment used to swiftly interchange between the marble bucket and the marble fork.

CAT345C Marble Bucket

Designed for excavators, it serves for transporting marble blocks, separating large block sections, and loading related materials. The bucket incorporates features that reduce wear and tear, using materials and engineering adapted to the hardness and abrasiveness of marble.

Industrial Manipulator

Casting Crucible Remover

Vertical Coil Tong