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High Dump Bucket

It is used in the event that the height of the sides of the truck haulage or containers or wagons is excessive, and especially where light material loads and standard bucket height is not sufficient; two hydraulic cylinders are usually used, either vertical or horizontal in line with the work type.

Tilting Bucket

The tilting(dumping) bucket works extremely efficiently in tunnel and roadside fill applications where maneuverability is limited. Thus it minimizes cycle times and also offers a higher level of evacuation.General application is for Backhoe Loaders between 0,5m³ -1,5m³.

Screening Bucket

The screening bucket is especially designed for use in streams and river reclaim projects.

Grinder Bucket

Time and labor costs are avoided with these attachments, which is a simple indication of how much mechanics and technology have entered our daily lives.

4 in 1 Bucket

These buckets which give opportunity to use in compact machines, can be used for many purposes. Capacity limits vary with the ability of the jaw area to open and close.

Coal Bucket

Specifically designed and manufactured for use in applications where specific weight is lighter and high volume loading are required, such as coal and sawdust.

Rock Bucket

It is usually manufactured using Hardox 400 for use in quarries and mines, in heavy duty applications, for loading blasted or ready-to-use materials

Standart Buckets

This bucket is designed for standard applications such as sand, soil, gravel, loading, smoothing and is widely used in 4 tons to 30 tons class machines.