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Quick Coupler

A Quick Coupler attachment is a complementary tool used as an intermediary in the safe and rapid replacement of equipment in construction machinery.

The Quick Coupler allows for effortless removal and change of attachments, such as rippers, hydraulic breakers, and different types of buckets, within seconds, either through a hydraulic or mechanical system. Under normal circumstances, detaching the current attachment involves removing securing bolts and hitting the heads of the pins with a sledgehammer to disengage them. Subsequently, when attaching another attachment, the removed pins need to be reinserted using a sledgehammer and the bolts resecured. This process can take between 30-60 minutes on average, leading to significant downtime, cost, labor, time, and profit losses, depending on the daily change frequency. Additionally, due to the deformation of connection pins, they require frequent replacement. This process is not only laborious but also physically demanding.

The Quick Coupler attachment is compatible with machines of various makes and models. Taking all these details into consideration, it can amortize its cost within a short period, typically 3-6 months. It places a strong emphasis on safety with its safety pin, and it is a preferred attachment type in the industry due to its ability to enhance machine performance and efficiency.

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